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Welcome to the CA-782nd AFJROTC

2014 Corps Picture 2014

1. Dentist 2. Phone Sales(selling timeshares) 3.Plumber 4. Chauffer 5. Real Estate Agent 6. Landscape Designer 7. Sales (Vehicle) 8. Malcomb Frederick's Riches to Trash Photography

There will be no ROTC on 16-17-18 December for SHS-WRHS-AOC.

Upcoming Events (2 week window)

Event Date Description/Comments
Magnet Sales 01/31/2015 We will be selling magnets throughout several stores in SCV. Volunteer
Girl Scout Cookie Drop 01/31/2015 We will be loading and verifying boxes of cookies Volunteer
Magnet Sales 02/01/2015 Clarita Valley will be selling magnets all over the Santa. Volunteer
S2Q1 Promotion Test 02/02/2015 Must be signed up by 1800 on 01Feb15 to take the test Volunteer
Uniform Wear 02/02/2015 Service Uniform/ABU (optional) Information Only
CMS Recruiting 02/11/2015 AFJROTC Recruiting at Castaic Middle school Volunteer