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Welcome to the CA-782nd AFJROTC

2014 Corps Picture 2014

Promotion testing will take place on Monday 29 Sep 2014 at 3PM. Don't be late. It's mandatory to sign up on this web site by 26 Sept 2014 at 1630 hours for promotion testing. No exceptions! Good Luck! :)

Upcoming Events (2 week window)

Event Date Description/Comments
Football Parking 10/02/2014 we will be helping with the parking for the VHS football game. Volunteer
Rubber Ducky Festival 10/04/2014 Volunteer
Color Guard for Rubber Ducky Race 10/04/2014 Volunteer
Football Parking 10/10/2014 Volunteer
Diabetes Walk 2014 Day 1 10/10/2014 Will be setting up for the actual event on Saturday. Volunteer
Diabetes Walk 2014 Day 2 10/11/2014 Parking cars as well as helping various vendors set up. Volunteer