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Welcome to the CA-782nd AFJROTC

Autoclub Speedway

*Schedule Change*

Delta Flight 4-21-15 & Charlie Flight 4-22-15

Upcoming Events (2 week window)

Event Date Description/Comments
Rio Norte Open House Colorguard 04/23/2015 Volunteer
Goodwill Fundraiser 04/25/2015 We will be loading donations into bins for Goodwill. Volunteer
Golden Bear Drill Meet 04/25/2015 Comp. Volunteer
Emergency Expo Color Guard 04/25/2015 Volunteer
Emergency Expo Day One 04/25/2015 Assist with major community event Volunteer
Emergency Expo Day Two 04/26/2015 Volunteer
S2Q3 Promotion Ceremony 04/27/2015 Must be wearing the uniform of the day to promote Information Only
Promo Apps Due 04/30/2015 Information Only
Taste of the Town Day 1 05/02/2015 We will be helping set up for the event. Volunteer
Taste of the Town Day 2 1st shift 05/03/2015 Morning shift set up Volunteer
Taste of the Town Day 2 2nd shift 05/03/2015 We will be helping with the takedown of the event. Volunteer
S2Q4 Promotion Test 05/04/2015 Must be signed up by 1800 on 03May15 to take the test Volunteer