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Welcome to the CA-782nd AFJROTC

Air Commando Assocation Award

For this award, cadets have the opportunity to submit a one-page essay to Cadet Singer by April 25th, 2016.

The criteria for this essay is as follows:

One page essay based on a historical AF Special Operations Misson possessing the thirteen critical attributes of success: integrity, self-motovation, intelligence, self-discipline, perseverance, adaptability, maturity, judgment, selflessness, leadership, skilled, physical fitness and family strength
12 point font
Single spaced
Times New Roman
At least 2 paragraphs
Name, rank, flight

Upcoming Events (2 week window)

Event Date Description/Comments
Taste of the Town Day 1 04/30/2016 Volunteer
Taste of the Town Day 2 Shift 1 05/01/2016 Volunteer
Taste of the Town Day 2 Shift 2 05/01/2016 Volunteer
S2Q4 Promotion Test 05/02/2016 Final Promotion Test of the School Year! Volunteer
Uniform Wear 05/02/2016 PT Uniform for PT testing Information Only
Mayor's Prayer Breakfast 05/05/2016 Volunteer
Evals Due to DO 05/06/2016 S2Q4 Information Only
Viking Valor Awards Color Guard 05/09/2016 Volunteer